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Iolite Daisy

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Iolite wide Daisy dome ring. 925 Sterling Silver.

8 small faceted iolites a little over 5mm and center stone measures 7.5mm.

One inch wide! Statement piece. Stones are more of a purple hue then photo shows.

Iolite is a bluish purple color gemstone. One of my favorite shades of blue. The name Iolite is derived from the Greek words “ios” meaning violet and “lithos” meaning stone. In ancient days it was believed that creativity of a artist was enhanced when wearing Iolite. It helps to open the doors of a persons soul. It finds the internal parts of a person. It increases the internal stamina of a person. Some scholars believe that Iolite helps in getting knowledge about the previous birth. It is known as the gem of self vision, creativity and constructive ideas. So it is a great stone to assist in bringing more awareness to self.